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  • Monday June 18th 2018

Football Fans Banned From The London Dungeon

As the World Cup dominates chatter in the UK, The London Dungeon announced today that they will bestowing all visitors wearing football shirts a red card, by banning them from the attraction for the duration of the World Cup.

5 Crazy Cures For The Great Plague OF LONDON
  • Wednesday May 30th 2018

5 Crazy Cures For the Great Plague OF LONDON

You think it’ll be hot this summer holidays? The summer of 1665 was a scorcher and the people of London also had the great plague to deal with. Find out the crazy cures they concocted.

Learn About Henry The VIII This May Half Term
  • Thursday April 12th 2018

Learn About Henry the VIII This May Half Term

‘ullo there!

We ‘eard there was some traitorous lot looking for something to do this May Half Term. Bored adolescents keen for some CHILLING amusement, perhaps? You’ll get that and more at the London Dungeon and it ain’t just because of the draughts. Hawhaw. Maybe you’ll find out that Henry the VIII sentenced 72,000 subjects to their deaths at the gallows. He probably was not all that great to hang out with.

Mrs. Lovett's Pie Recipe
  • Monday March 5th 2018

Mrs. Lovett's Hearty Meat Pie Recipe

'ello poppets! Mrs Lovett here, yes it's me; sole pro-PIE-eater of Mrs Lovett's Pie Shop, Fleet Street London!

Dungeon Diaper
  • Monday February 12th 2018

We've released a range of Dungeon Diapers!

This half term we're providing guests with petrifying protection… Dungeon Diapers of course! To help those of a weak disposition get through our scariest show yet; Séance.

The Truth Behind Seance
  • Thursday February 1st 2018

Seance Announce

Face your fears as you place your hands on the Ouija board in the latest show from The London Dungeon… SÉANCE

The Truth Behind Seance
  • Thursday February 1st 2018

The Truth Behind: Seance

'ello from the other side... Forgive us; this post isn’t actually about Adele. But now you’re here let us tell you about another iconic British woman – the formidable Agnes Guppy.

The Truth Behind The Death Express
  • Friday October 13th 2017

The Truth Behind: The Death Express

This tale takes us all the way back to Victorian London. Discover the unnerving truth behind the train built for one purpose, transporting the dead.

Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley at London Dungeon
  • Thursday October 5th 2017

The Death Express Launch Night

We’re in the celebratory mood when our favourite time of year comes around, so we thought we’d invite some infamous traitors to a good ol’ knees up at the Dungeon to see if they had the guts to take a ride on The Death Express.

7 Of Our Favourite Torture Devices
  • Thursday April 27th 2017

7 of our favourite torture devices

'ello Traitors! Ah, so you want to learn all about torture devices? Well you’ve come to the right place. We have our very own Torturer at the London Dungeon and he’s told us all about some of his favourite instruments… which one would you like to try first?