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Scariest Job in the World

  • Monday October 3rd 2022

Scariest Job In World

UK attraction, The Dungeons, with venues in London, Blackpool, Edinburgh and York unveil that the ‘scariest job in the world’ is now open for applicants.

Known for revealing the deepest and darkest secrets from each city’s history through interactive live shows and hysterically horrible characters, The Dungeons’ favourite time of the year is approaching, with October marking the start of its gruesome Halloween shows.

However, to ensure the spooky site is still on top of its ghastly game, The Dungeons is looking to recruit an official scare-tester, to guarantee all shows across the country are as eerily exciting as possible.

The official scare-tester will be put through their paces at each attraction, experiencing the spooky Halloween shows in all their gory glory.

At The Edinburgh Dungeon, the unlucky employee will be invited to the Dinner of the Dead. Entering the Graveyard on All Hallows Eve, guests are summoned to the traditional Celtic harvest feast, where an empty place has been laid to welcome back lost loved ones, as the line between living and dead is at its thinnest on this very day. Calling forth all lost spirits, visitors must be careful as it’s not just friends who can join the feast – darker forces are at play.

50 Berkley Square is the setting for The London Dungeon’s Halloween horror, as guests enter the attic within the building that is renowned as the most haunted house in the capital. Enduring terrifying tales of blood-curdling murders, hauntings and men turned mad, will our new scare-tester make it out still sane?

In The York Dungeon, the year is 1872 and one of the most acclaimed mediums is present - Madame Card. Guests (and our scare-tester) are invited to participate in one of her sought-after séance shows where dark spirits are set to be conjured. Clear your minds, focus, join hands and whatever you do, don’t break the circle!

At The Blackpool Dungeon, Halloween has attracted a new creature to the Lancashire coast – the Grim Reaper! Summoned by those who wish to cheat death, the word on the streets is that YOU assisted, do you dare defy the angel of death? The dedicated scare-tester must be prepared to come face to face with the owner of death itself.

The (un)lucky applicant will visit each of the four attractions during October. For further information and to apply for the role (if you dare!), please visit: The Scariest Job in the World | The Dungeons