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Father's Day

  • Friday June 17th 2022

Father's Day | The London Dungeon

This Father’s Day, we’re offering the ultimate unusual gift - a burial plot deep inside the London Dungeon and a chance to spend eternity interred alongside the capital’s most iconic and infamous characters.

The Dads chosen for the honour will have their ashes placed deep inside the Dungeon, complete with a plaque to mark their burial spot. It really is the gift that keeps on giving - families of the chosen Dads are able to visit the hopefully-not-soon-to-be-resting-place for free every Father’s Day, inspecting the future plot and making treasured memories.

They can continue the annual pilgrimage to pay their respects to Dad after he’s passed - ensuring that every Father’s Day, even when he’s gone, the family are still treated to groan-inducing jokes, puns and often unasked for history lessons.

Father's Day | The London Dungeon