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"Welcome! The King's Jester am I, you betray him or cross him, of course you will DIE!"

Join our resident Lift Jester as you begin your descent into the Dungeon via our medieval lift. This cheerful rascal will prepare you for 1,000 years of hysterically horrible history. It all starts here, guv'na!

Hear the grinding cogs and chains as the winches strain on your way down. If you're lucky, you'll arrive safely at the river docks of the Thames but if you're not...well, we dread to to think.


  • What a trip in a medieval lift is like…don’t worry, we swear it's safe.
  • Who's got a criminal nose
  • Who's the most scared (and likely to be picked on!)

All shows and rides are included with a ticket purchase. Guarantee your time-slot entry and SAVE UP TO 20% when you BOOK ONLINE in advance.

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Scary score is 2

You are in 1536 (Long before your time, peasant!)