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Football Fans Banned From The London Dungeon

  • Monday June 18th 2018


As the World Cup dominates chatter in the UK, The London Dungeon announced today that they will bestowing all visitors wearing football shirts a red card, by banning them from the attraction for the duration of the World Cup.

Dungeon Torturer

The London Dungeon have appointed their very own resident referee - the Dungeon Torturer who will oversee the refusal of entry to football fans as they declare themselves a ‘football free zone’ until the end of the tournament.

Dungeon Torturer and footballer

The ban itself is inspired by by King Edward II, who banned the game back in 1314. The King issued a proclamation saying: "There is great noise in the city caused by hustling over large balls...we forbid... on pain of imprisonment, such game to be used in the city in the future." Following a petition by traders, the King announced that all perpetrators were sent straight to prison if they disobeyed the ban, however it is torturer’s tools that football fans will have to face this year.

Dungeon Torturer and Fans

Andy Walker, General Manager at The London Dungeon said: “People running around with big balls can cause havoc in the city, so we’ve enlisted the help of our torturer to be the dungeon referee this season. He’s tooled up with his ball buster, ready and waiting for anyone who dares to step foot into his chamber wearing a football shirt. Are you ballsy enough to face his wrath?” The London Dungeon is known for bringing London’s darkest history to life for guests, with the chance to experience the stories of infamous gory characters, such as Jack the Ripper and Sweeney Todd.

The torturer with a footballer trapped