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"Tomorrow they come for me. Tis not I that is wicked…tis these times in which we live… I’m not a witch!"


It's 1621 and witch trials are really heating up. 

You’ll enter the bowels of Newgate Prison and witness Elizabeth Sawyer, The Witch of Edmonton, awaiting her execution. She has already confessed and been convicted of conversing with the Devil with her own neighbours turning on her after the sudden illness and death of someone seen arguing with Sawyer only the week before. Coincidence? You're betting your life on it.

Sawyer looks broken and meek but be warned, there’s another side to her lurking within and it’s one you do not want to cross. Her fate is sealed and soon yours will be too…


  • The meaning of fear
  • Why King James I is the WORST
  • How loud thunder can really get

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Scary score is 5/5!

You are in 1621 (gross you couldn't even get hot showers back then, stinky)