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Seance Announce

  • Thursday February 1st 2018

The Truth Behind Seance

Face your fears as you place your hands on the Ouija board in the latest show from The London Dungeon… SÉANCE

This half term get ready to make contact with the spirit world, as our most fearless visitors will join our sinister Victorian medium as she attempts to contact the afterlife in this spine tingling experience.

Visitors brave enough to visit the dungeon this February will step back to the 1870s. As they make their way through the streets of Victorian London they will meet the legendary psychic Agnes Guppy, who has become well known for her levitations and transportation during séances. Guests will be there to witness if Guppy’s actions and her extraordinary psychic abilities are fake? Or does she possess an unearthly gift to perpetuate paranormal activity?

Visitors should be prepared for a hair-raising experience, as strange goings-on begin in the psychic parlour… will they be able to hold their nerve and leave with their souls intact?           

Who was Agnes Guppy?

Heralded as the queen of spiritual circles in Victorian London, Agnes Guppy was infamous for materialising séance guest’s wildest requests to prove her spiritual abilities.  During her sessions she made hundreds of flowers, fruits and even lobsters appear as per her customer’s requests. She was also known to levitate and enter a terrifying trance like state during séances that had guests fleeing in fear.

In one well-documented event she was even summoned by a guest at another séance, three miles away from her home and instantly transported, landing onto the table with a thud.

Guests who are feeling fearless this February can witness Agnes Guppy’s abilities for themselves. While also experiencing 1,000 years of London’s dark history with ample amounts of jumps and scares thrown in. They will also hear the stories of Jack the Ripper, the Great Fire of London and face the wrath of our torturer.