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The London Dungeon offers free entry for those born on Good Friday

  • Friday March 22nd 2024


The London Dungeon offers FREE entry to all those born on Good Friday, to undo Victorian bad luck beliefs.

The Victorians were a superstitious bunch. Many believed that being born on Good Friday brought a bucketload of bad luck.

To turn that misfortune around this year, for those unlucky enough to have been born on March 29th, the date of Good Friday this year, the London Dungeon is offering free entry to all those suffering from the superstition to experience sinister thrills this Easter.

For all those not 'unlucky' enough to be born on Good Friday, there is still plenty going on in the dungeon under London. Hunt for sinister thrills this Easter, uncover unsettling 'tails' of London's darkest past, and come face-to-face with spine-chilling historic characters from Jack the Ripper to Sweeney Todd.

The Good Friday offer is valid only for guests with a birthday on 29th March, who enter the attraction before midday on Good Friday. A valid photo ID is required.