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DSC 8370
  • Thursday April 27th 2023

Why is London the Escape Room Capital of Europe?

We explore why London escape rooms have become so popular and what the best escape rooms in London have to offer including spooky, family friendly, futuristic and thought-provoking rooms!

Lovett from the London Dungeons
  • Monday April 3rd 2023

The London Dungeon celebrates 10 years on the South Bank

This Easter celebrates 10 years of being based on the South Bank. To mark the milestone, we've compiled weird and wonderful facts, figures and rumours to tell the tale of the Dungeon’s own history.

Plague Dr
  • Friday March 10th 2023

All you need to know about the Black Plague

What was the Black Plague? From the causes and symptoms to the mysterious, and let’s be honest, quite terrifying plague doctors... we’ve created a guide to all things plague.

Day of the Dead | The London Dungeon
  • Monday October 10th 2022

Halloween Celebrations from Around the World

Halloween is our favourite time of year and although we love the gore, guts and guzzling of sweet treats seen in western Halloween - we thought we’d investigate the multitude of different ways the world’s cultures get spooky.

Read on to actually learn something for once…

Scariest Job In World
  • Monday October 3rd 2022

Scariest Job in the World

UK attraction, The Dungeons, with venues in London, Blackpool, Edinburgh and York unveil that the ‘scariest job in the world’ is now open for applicants.

Court | The London Dungoen
  • Wednesday September 21st 2022

Holly and Phil Pass

Too good for queuing? Want to whizz past queues of ‘normal people’? Ask for a Holly and Phil and gain queue jumping rights for a limited time at the London Dungeon!

Body Snatcher | The London Dungeon
  • Wednesday August 24th 2022

Everything you want to know (and some bits you don’t) about Body Snatchers and The London Burkers

Victorian body snatchers were an ‘orrible lot. They hunted in dark graveyards, searching for the recently deceased to dig up and sell to the highest bidder (usually hospitals). When that tactic became less fruitful, some nefarious characters turned to more violent means of acquiring dead bodies.

CFB 8043
  • Monday August 22nd 2022

Censoring Rude London Street Names

The London Dungeon’s Jester took to the streets of London this week, covering up the naughtiest street names in the city, after our latest out of home advertising campaign was censored.

D Is For Dungeon
  • Thursday August 18th 2022

D's for Free Dungeon Entry

As A-Level results were revealed, the London Dungeon offered a reward for anyone whose grades are bad across the board. We’re talking more D’s and E’s than Sweeney Todd.

Father's Day | The London Dungeon
  • Friday June 17th 2022

Father's Day

For the dad who has everything, get him the one thing we all need this Father’s Day… a place to rest after we pop our clogs!