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Dare you go against the greatest tyrant in royal history?
  • July 22nd - November 2nd 2023
  • 10am - 6pm
  • Included with entry ticket

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In 2023, Royal history is on show...

...this summer, see the side they don't want you to know. You're in for a royally rotten surprise!

The Rotten Royals executioner is posing inside the London Dungeon with his axe and sign detailing the execution of Anne Boleyn. The London Dungeon is a popular tourist attraction in London that offers a variety of interactive experiences based on London's history.

Rotten Royals

Come forward traitors! You've been found guilty of conspiring against King Henry VIII.

Not to mention, one of your bunch has been diddlin' with Queen Anne Boleyn...

Unlucky for you, you've been captured and arrested by the King's guard, now it's time to face the Royal executioner! But he's not the brightest tool in the toolkit... that's what happens when you chop so many HEADS OFF for a livin'! It looks like he'll need your help sorting out these royal traitors...

You may even get some royally rotten souvin-EARS!


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Ticket includes

  • Entry to the London Dungeon at your chosen 15-minute time slot
  • Dare to venture into the heart of London's darkest history, where spine-chilling tales, immersive experiences, and infamous characters await, promising a thrilling and unforgettable adventure
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Ticket includes

  • Enjoy the ultimate flexibility with no time constraints: visit The London Dungeon anytime on your selected day!

Ticket includes

  • Entry to the London Dungeon at your chosen time slot
  • Plus a Premium Cocktail of your choice in our Tavern

Ticket includes

  • Entry to the London Dungeon at your chosen timeslot
  • Plus a Digital Photo Pass with unlimited photos sent directly to your phone